Friday, July 04, 2008

A Plague a' Both Your Houses

Surveying Michael Froomkin's commpendious guide to weekend McCain bashing--and recognizing that I could easily put together the same sort of list for Obama, what with Iraq "refinement," cut-and-run on Wesley Clark, and all that stuff about FISA, it occurs to me--it is still four months (something like 120 days) to the election, and we aren't even at the conventions yet. What are the chance that each party gets to its convention, bored and disgusted with its own candidate, almost as much as they are with the other guy's? This may turn out to be a Bill Richardson/Mike Huckabee race even yet.

Shakespearean Pedantry Update: I originally wrote "O'Both Your Houses." Any schoolboy knows that it is "a'." Silly me

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