Friday, August 20, 2010

Buce on DeLong on Daniels

Ha!  When I audioread The Economist's puff-piece on Mitch Daniels this morning, I figured it would give DeLong a heart attack.  Strictly speaking, I was wrong; the correct phrase is "hyperglycemic collapse."  Particularly the line about "wonks have long revered Mr Daniels..."  Wrong, says DeLong, and insofar as DeLong is a wonk, then we would have to agree that the reverence (if any) has not been universal.

DeLong goes on to describe just how completely Daniels fell down on the job as W's Budget Director.  No quarrel so far, but DeLong might want to keep in mind two points:
  • Of all possible Republican nominees (or Presidents), Daniels is the one least likely to give DeLong a heart attack; and
  • Daniels' actual chance of getting nominated (or elected) as a Republican to the presidency is about the same as, well, about the same as DeLong's

1 comment:

brad said...

heart attack?! Not bloody likely. My bad cholesterol is 48, thank you. So my arteries are (we hope) clear...