Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Irresistable Allure of the Illegal Alien

Well, for the moment, it looks like game, set and match Niki.   Meg Whitman says she was shocked, shocked, to learn that her longtime faithful housekeeper was an illegal, and she certainly didn't know anything about a letter from the Feds questioning her social security number--but now comes the Eveready Gloria Allred brandishing what appears to be the letter with an annotation saying "Nicky Please Check This."   Gloria says the handwriting is that of Meg's husband,  Griff Harsh,who earlier in the day stood silent as his wife told the world that this illegal stuff was all news to her.

Heaven knows where we go from here.  Maybe there are two Nikis.  Maybe Meg has another husband (Griff, please check into this).  Maybe--okay, forget it.  But while embarrassment junkies are busy clucking over the folly of a person in public life even dabbling with an illegal, it's worth considering just how tempting the allure of the illegal must be. 

No, no, I'm not talking about lousy wages or dreadful working conditions--well, maybe that too.  But the real point is that you've totally got 'em by the short hairs.  One false move, one slip, one cracked teacup or greasy wineglass and you're off the ladder of insecure residency and straight down into the chute of deportment.  Must be a heady experience to spend  few moments every day with a person over whom your dominance is so complete that they live in dread of your every move.

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Toni said...

Close to slavery, really

But I'd say game, set, match to Gloria.