Sunday, December 05, 2010

Ivan on the Corruption of Language

Ivan, on the ranch in north Alabama, has a carcass to pick with the Huntsville Times:
Hi John -- this is a small deal but shouldn't the outdoors writer be asked not to BS the readers and stop talking about "harvesting" deer when he means "killing" them. I've got nothing against deer hunting so long as hunters stay out of my fields --I've found deer stands in trees in my woods. I've found deer carcasses in my fields with just the haunches removed. nothing much you can do about it so I clean up as necessary. but the thing that gets me is the essential phoniness of the word "harvesting" when it comes to deer hunting. Rabbit hunters don't "harvest" bunnies. quail hunters don't "harvest" birds. corn growers harvest. soybean growers harvest. deer hunters kill.

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