Friday, June 03, 2011

Mrs. Buce on the Mafia Diet

It's all a matter of keeping your priorities straight.   Chez Buce read a study a while back of "the Mafia diet"--stuff they eat at mob powwows in Sicily (perhaps it was this one).   As you might guess, some of the "diet" turns out to be ordinary stuff.  They like to start off with olives, for example, and little chunks of salty pecorino (yum!).  They follow that up with pasta loaded up with heavy stuff--fried eggplant is good.  And champagne; not so much  because they like champagne, but because they know it is expensive.  Lots of champagne.   And so it goes except that at the end, somebody gets shot.

Well you might as well go, says Mrs. Buce.  You're going to get shot anyway.  At least you get a meal.

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