Sunday, June 08, 2014


The Wichita Bureau learned a new word today--dépigeonnage, which you can probably figure out for yourself but if you are stumped, don't count on Google Translate: they say the English for dépigeonnage is dépigeonnage.  Really never thought of our feathered friends as being high on the list of French nuisances but evidently somebody does--here's a French "environmental" (sic?) website with news on " La Lutte Contre les Pigeons." Here's another site, this one cautioning that "Les pigeons causent des nuisances directement sur la santé," and warning that "Le dépigeonnage nécessite l’expertise d’un professional."  Or, as Wichita suggests, does it have something to do with St. Francis and feeding (or not feeding) the birds?  It does, I admit, remind me of one of my favorite Biblical chestnuts--workable in any language but somehow more convincing in French.  It's the one where Mary explains the baby to the elderly Joseph: c'est le pigeon, Joseph.

Mrs. Buce pronounces herself only mildly amused by the pigeon concept, but would consider démoleage or désquirrelage, if either is on offer.

Here's the authoritative American approach to the topic.  Not sure how well it would translate:

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