Friday, March 25, 2011

100 Years Ago at This Hour

Triangle Shirtwaist fire, 440p EST March 25, 1911 on the eighth, ninth and tenth floor of the Asch Building (now the Brown Building of Science), Washington Place and Greene Street, Greenwich Village. One hundred and forty-six people died, mostly young women locked in at their workspace to keep them from skipping out early. The owners won an acquittal at their criminal trial but plaintiffs won compensation in a civil suit to the tune of $75 per deceased victim.


fatbear said...

Did you go today? I'm going by on way home.

I also liked this piece on Naked Capitalism today, which in a few words tells us lots more

Toni said...

A friend wrote this about it on her blog:

Buce said...

Did I go? No, I was on a plane headed for Palookaville (round trip ticket). I set this post up in advance weeks ago thinking I would be clever and elegant. Imagine my chagrin to find I am just of the pack: the remembranmce appears to be quite widespread. Toni, thanks for the link to your bud. The screed at Naked Capitalism is indeed quite wonderful.