Tuesday, September 12, 2006

From the Bin: The Death of Sherborn Dearborn

From the History of Bedford New Hampshire from 1787 (1903), in a section on “Fatal Casualties, Remarkable Cases of Perservation, etc.” at p. 642:

October 22, 1869—Sherborn Dearborn, aged sixty, was killed by the kick of a horse. He was on his way home from Manchester and stopped at Mrs. Lochran’s house on the plains. The house stood as few rods east of the top of the hill on the road from Manchester. It was afterwards burned. His body was found with his back broken. Word was brought to Mr. F.F. French, who sent Damon Jenkins and John D. Rowe to carry him home. He lived a few days after that. He was a man of great natural ability, but with some irregularities of conduct.

Some irregularities of conduct?

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New York Crank said...

Nevermind HIS irregularities of conduct. What I want to know is how the horse set the house on fire. Damn clever horse, if you ask me.

Your Pal,
The Crank