Monday, October 02, 2006

We Still Rule, Maybe

I just popped over to the Food Network to refresh my memory on Alton Brown's unbeatable recipe for roast duck. I find there two ads for:

Duck Ringtones

Duck ringtones? You bet, every chance I get. Oh, no, wait, they are ... selling ... duck ringtones.

You know, in all the fuss over the decline of manufacturing, nobody has ever considered the possibility that we still lead the world in the production of telephone ringtones. And two, yet, so competition thrives.

Afterthought: A friend points out that they are probably all manufactured by underaged Bangladeshi ducks. And it's not competition, it's a two-firm monopoly. (obligatory quacking noise omitted).

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New York Crank said...

I really, really hate to be pedantic about this, but can you manufacture something you can only hear, such as a ringtone? If so, what does that make the first violinist at the New York Philharmonic? A factory hand?

Oh, nevermind.