Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Kerouac MBA

Per Matt Weiland, Jack Kerouac teaches “that low overhead and a sense of improvisation make for a good life” (link).

Setting aside Weiland, Kerouac and improvisation, this is actually pretty good advice, not so? It’s the percentage return that matters. My father, who was in the credit reporting biz, taught me that every restaurant gets sold three times—until the price gets low enough so the operating surplus can cover the debt. In my bankruptcy law days, I saw lots of businesses with lots of fancy equipment and no cash flow. That’s why successful dentists are, by definition, successful entrepreneuers. They have to persuade people to give them money for inflicting pain on them, and with all that equipment, they are all the time running away from the bank like they were running away from an unmanned power lawn mower.

Probably true of “improvision” too. Get Kerouac’s point through your head and you can skip business school.

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