Friday, December 21, 2007

President Mitt (Metaphorically Speaking)

Nearly everybody and his aunt Maude is having fun with Mitt Romney saying he saw his father march with Martin Luther King, Jr.--metaphorically, right?--but I think the best comment is here. I know it is all of a pattern for a guy who calls his paid staff "super volunteers" (someone said that this makes my hooker my "super date."). Still, vanity impels me to recall that I weighed in on Romney's flexibility with the truth just last year (link).

Afterthought: for all that, I have to admit I stick by my view that Romney would be the least bad president of all the major GOP candidates. Mrs. B rolls her eyes when I say this, but I never said he was a good candidate--he still makes me want to take a bath whenever I'm near him, even on TV. Ironically, one reason I'm still on board is that I count him as the candidate most likely to screw his supporters. I.e., he, who has never had his heart in the religious right (he's a communicant at the first church of the MBA), is perfectly capable of throwing them out of the sledge.

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