Monday, April 14, 2008

What I Learned Today

I just caught up with Bill Cosby's pound cake speech, which has its own Wiki(link; cf. link).

H/T to Ta-Nehisi Coates (link) who parses:

Driving Cosby’s tough talk about values and responsibility is a vision starkly different from Martin Luther King’s gauzy, all-inclusive dream: it’s an America of competing powers, and a black America that is no longer content to be the weakest of the lot.

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Anonymous said...

In light of your writing on Ta-Nehisi Coates’s recent Atlantic piece on Bill Cosby – “This Is How We Lost to the White Man” – and your interest in Ta-Nehisi’s work generally, we thought that you and your readers might also be interested in the following video.

The video – available at -- is an interview with Ta-Nehisi that also includes many video and audio clips of Cosby from which Ta-Nehisi drew some of his analysis for the piece.

It’s a wonderful interview that works well with the article itself, but it also stands alone as a dynamic summary and expansion of Ta-Nehisi’s argument. I’ve included both links to the video and the embed code for it below.

We hope you and your readers enjoyed the article, and hope you enjoy the video as well.


Herschel Nachlis


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