Thursday, June 12, 2008

Here I Go Again: McCain the Old Guy Dept

I really ought to quit watching Chris Matthews. Then I wouldn't be tempted to get into a yackfest where nobody much cares about my opinion anyway. But here we go again...

Look, children, it really doesn't matter whether John McCain at 71 is "too old" to be president. It matters whether he says and does stupid things. For example, if John McCain insists on saying x on Monday and y on Tuesday, and denying any inconsistency, this says nothing one way or another about whether he is too old to be president. It's just evidence that he is a deeply unreflective guy who figures that he is the same person he was yesterday, and so there can be no consistency. This has nothing to do with age; my guess is that he was pretty much like this in flight school, back in the McKinley administration.

This is, FWIW, one traiat that is so maddening in the incumbent (who is not 71): white heart and an empty head are the best possible defense against criticism. Heaven save us from electing another Labrador Retriever.

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