Friday, March 27, 2009

A Few Pips from the Big Apple

Spring Break always comes too late at the Law School: the students are brain dead by this time, and so am I. We took the occasion to decamp for a quick jolt of New York City culture. We're now back, suitably refreshed. I want to jot down a few thoughts in due course, but meanwhile here is some loose change:
  • Dignified lady parading a matched set of Scotch Terriers, wearing, a matched set of plaid snuggies. Did she gives the dogs the snuggies for their birthday?
  • Some guy, on why he only buys single-ride Metro tickets: a multi-ride ticket “takes up too much space in your wallet."
  • One change at United Airlines check-in as a result of charging for baggage: slower service. Now, in addition to processing all the bags, they have to process the credit card transactions.
  • Does this sentence make any sense: Drinks are not permitted to be carried back to seats.
  • The signature plaque at the Philharmonic: Avery Fisher—Wise, Elegant, Gentle, Caring. On my music hall, I just want “scholar and saint.”

  • [Oh, and the “fritelle” on the dessert menu at Union Square Cafe are in truth a bunch of donut holes.]

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