Sunday, April 12, 2009

Condescending Invitation

Underbelly groupies will recognize that I've changed the tagline by the picture. The new tagline reads:
"Besides, a really manly man may condescend at times! He rather owes it to himself..."
Condescending congratulations will be extended to the person to identify the source.

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Anonymous said...

Before I google it, I'll guess Gilbert and Sullivan.

OK, Ford Madox Ford. Pretty close really, especially as it took a minute or two of google ninjitsu to come up with it.

Per Wiki: "Much of the novel is spent following Tietjens in French trenches as he ruminates on how to be a better soldier and untangle his strange social life." Quite the novel for hard times, showtunes and all.

While I'm commenting, above you have:

a fourth choice: we think that throwing taxpayer money at investors.


Finally, this just in on Kindle: