Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good News, Honey!

My friend Linda says that Mark Sanford is really lucky that Michael Jackson died. And Mrs. B adds that Farah Fawctt Major must be stamping her foot.

I read somewhere that one reason why Kissinger and Nixon wanted the opening to China was to distract attention from the fact that they'd just lost a war.

Update: My friend Joel John (oops, pardon!) says we are wrong about Farah. In fact, he says, she was lucky two ways--she was released from dreadful suffering, and she doesn't have to put up with all the Jackson hype.

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Toni said...

And (according to my hubby), the tweets from Iran yesterday called Jackson's death a great gift to Ahmadinejad's regime. Sure enough, it knocked Iran off the "Trending Topics" lists. It certainly has knocked it off (or at least down) on the news sites I check when I get up in the morning, including the BBC.