Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Little Daylight Music

My friend Toni just stopped by my coffee shop table to remark on how nice it is to hang out in a spot that pipes in a Beethoven trio. She's right. of course, but it triggered the memory of a more complex venue. I was sojourning in central London; you could get great bread from an Italian bake shop down in Soho. Walking home with a fresh score, you'd pass the coffee shops that were juicing up the morning lineup with--through the open windows--a strong dose of Mozart.

You'd also pass the hookers who, apparently having failed to make their nut for the night before, were still out there in their black net stockings trying to cadge their own trade.

Fresh bread, stale hookers and Mozart: my, that takes me back.

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ivan said...

Christmas of '77 or '78 whwn my daughter was working on a master's at stanford and my son in law was going to law school there, i took my wife and three other kids out there for xmas. stayed 10 days. we rented 2 vacant for xmas married student apartments in i think escondido village. great deal. every other day we drove to san francisco and before returning made sure we bought a bunch of sourdough bread from i think boudin's bakery. greatest bakery smell i ever experienced. is it still baking bread?