Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Are All Iranians Now

Not entirely clear where this started, but it was just forwarded to me by Joel:
Do you twitter? Change your twitter setting to GMT +3:30 (Tehran time) and your location to any city in Iran. If all of us are Iranians then it is a little harder for government censors to track down Iranian tweeters. (See list of Iranian cities at
Sadly, I don't Twitter, but this might be a good reason to start.

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Toni said...

I Twitter vicariously through Tony and yesterday, he did exactly what you describe. Then he posted that, although Sect. Clinton (now of fractured elbow fame) said we weren't meddling in the Iranian election, she was dressed in a solid green pants suit as she spoke. His post set of a flurry of replies. Twitter seems to be the new source for news. Tony found a Twitter thread this morning called #CNNfail which has the slogan: "CNN: Reading Twitter to old folks since 2009."