Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Modest Proposal

Idle thought re the previous post. Assuming it is really necessary that (California) legislators and professors get cash while "people in mental health treatment" must take IOUs, what are the objections to a proposal that the favored classes take IOUs at least for that portion of their compensation that exceeds (50k? 100k? 250k?--pick as number). Or failing that, could we just reclassify them all as "people in mental health treatment?"

Update: My friend Cappy points out that to fail to pay wages might lead to treble damage liability under the Fair Labor Standards Act. He might of added: and misdemeanor penalties against anybody near the pay box. Details, details.

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thrill said...

I suspect those getting IOUs could more-than meet the quantity criteria to execute a mass recall of any elected official who accepts cash rather than demanding the same treatment the great unwashed masses are receiving.