Friday, August 07, 2009

Liveblogging Napoleon's Russian Invasion:
The Hessians Requisition a Horse

Captain Roeder's Hessians, with Napoleon on the Duna, requisition a horse:
About three hours away from here they came upon a number of very fine ponies, one of which was already in their hands when more than twenty peasants came rushing upon them all together and furiously resisted its removal. In order to save their lives, especially that of Gottfried, who had already been flung down, the soldiers were compelled to open fire. However, they only shot at the feet in order that no one might be mortally wounded, and as far a they knew only one man, who would not abandon the pursuit, had been shot in the ankle. In the course of this affray Gottfried lost a very fine cap, which fell to he lot of the fellow who threw him down.
Later, Captain Roeder furtively undertakes a bit of maintenance:
Today in the strictest incognito I washed a handkerchief for myself! I also exercised myself in the noble art of darning.
--Helen Roeder, The Ordeal of Captain Roeder 108 (1960)

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