Friday, February 12, 2010

Swedish Haiku

Still bloody freezing
Swedish winter never ends
My glass half empty.
From Sweden's News in English, although the link seems to be dead, and thanks, Sally.

Also this--not so hot Haiku but cool story:
Ursula got paid
Bathing in hot winter sun
It wasn't Fredrick

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Toni said...

Perfect timing as I'm working on the Zen chapter from my book and it's full of haiku. "My glass half empty": that's the best last line I've seen in poetry in a long time. I'm doing Issa right now. Three of my favorites:

Climb Mount Fuji,
O snail,
but slowly, slowly.

For you too fleas,
the night must be long,
it must be lonely.

A bath when you're born
A bath when you die.

I love the fact that no two compilations translate that last word the same way. Wish I understood Japanese so I could put my spin on it. Oh, wait. I've got it: "Glass half empty."