Thursday, March 18, 2010

Report from the Fructose Quadrant

Underbelly's friend John, who spends his life in a wheelchair, reports on the puzzle of hospital nutrition:
Went to the local hospital for the rehab gym - (it's more accessible than a real gym and they have PTs to scrape you up off the floor if you fall; besides, when they call code blue, the crash cart gets there earlier than the ambulance). ...

At any rate, we ended up in the cafeteria; they were selling a pail sized "LMH" mug for $2 with free refills - apparently forever. Since I will be spending a week there after surgery at the end of the month, seemed like a good deal. Still, the 'mug' is literally the size of a lunch bucket - must hold a quart (or a liter). The self serve soda is tasteless - but probably sugar loaded.

They are pushing weight loss on one floor and insuring the survival of the weight loss program in the cafeteria with a pail. ...

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