Friday, April 30, 2010

Blalack on Congressional Hearings

Lots of people are enjoying a moment of harmless merriment this morning at the gaffe candor of K. Lee Blalack II, licensed comforter of the comfortable, as he explains how to stonewall a congressional hearing:
Long, thoughtful pauses followed by rambling nonresponsive answers can easily devour half of a member’s allotted questioning time.
Copy that, ol' buddy, and take it as a reminder that there's nothing in law so ugly or disgusting that powerhouse partner of a prestige law firm won't do it for money (enjoy Blalack's client list here). But what interests me is that this running dog for the master class is not himself a product of the master class puppy farm. That is: how many, do you suppose, of Blalack's partners at the law firm of O'Melveny & Myers ("excellence, leadership, and citizenship") bring degrees from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia? Most, I would assume. And how many (like Blalack) from the University of Memphis, winsomely tucked away down in the US News Tier 3? I mean--I'm really not in a position to evaluate the basic education you get at UM, and with an in-state tuition of $13,710, it certainly looks like a bargain. But my guess is that at prices like that, they just don't have time to teach you how to clip your fingernails.

Fn.: A number of commentators have offered up a telling riposte: given the abysmal quality of most Congressional questioning, these guys don't deserve an honest answer.

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