Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nerd Barbie

I suppose you have already seen the story about how Mattel will produce a Nerd Barbie, although I'm not sure the proponents have thought through the full implications. Specifically, if Barbie trots off to study in one of the few remaining male-dominated departments in the university, will she be there to break a lance for equality or just because she'll have good odds for finding a husband?

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Ken said...

See it? Several weeks ago there was an on-line campaign in the IT industry to help vote her in! I don't think it's a matter for equality or for husband hunting on her part. I'm guessing that it was a male dominated industry trying to get a hot chick to hang out with them.

I was amused that the article you linked to has an image that shows her pink laptop and just her torso. I'll cite that as exactly what her geeky male colleagues are looking for... Hardware and software!