Friday, April 23, 2010

Technoageism Watch

Mark Whitney at TheLawNet puts his cyberfoot in his cybermouth (or his cyberhead up ... no, strike that):
Over a decade ago, when we launched THELAWNET v.1, my father made a comment to my then teenage sons that I will never forget: "I saw Dad's Internet." Even today, barely a week passes where I do not help my father wrestle with technology. At 76, armed with a remote control containing 60 buttons, it is easier for him to DRIVE from ESPN to the New England Sports Network than it is for him to change the channel.
Get a grip on yourself here, Sonny, and listen real close. You gratitous libel per quod story is, for starters, incoherent on its own terms. You say it "brings is to" a story of how Justice Roberts doesn't understand e-mail. You seem not to have noticed that you kicked the horse out from under yourself by explicitly acknowledging that Justice Roberts are more or less the same age. Your point seems to be that you are a proud geek while Justice Roberts is a mere dork.

Okay, granted. So why are you telling us how stupid your father is? Specifically, the relevance of his age is--ah?--well, let's just say that if you persist in these displays of deteriorating synaptic tissue, I'll have to assemble a platoon of technogeezers to come over to your house and beat you senseless with our lithium-battery-powered walkers. You have been warned.

Alternate Tag Line I: If you're considering a career change, I would counsel against diplomacy.

Alternate Tag Line II: But I do know how to find "unsubscribe."

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