Monday, May 10, 2010

For Elena's Inbox

Well, best wishes to Miz Justice Kagan. I still don't quite get it, but she does sound like an improvement over most of the current lot. And maybe she can find a way to do something about this.


Buzz Potamkin said...

Assume you saw Felix Salmon's piece about movies futures in today's NY Times - Felix covers it from the studio side - Naked Capitalism ran a Guest Post last week from me on the many other real world parties (not Street) who have lots of risk regarding box office, as well as Hollywood parties who aren't so opposed to futures either - I tried to make it explanatory so that non-pros (to me in the biz) could see who these other parties are, and also keep it within Yves' polite tonality - Enjoy

Buce said...

Buzz, this seems to be posted to the wrong message board. I'd contact you directly but I don't have an email address.