Monday, May 10, 2010

Taxmom on the Valley

My friend Taxmom is back from chaperoning a junior high road trip to Universal City--19 hours she says, and have you noticed how that when we talk about time spent with junior high schoolers, we measure very precisely? Taxmom used to live in (around) LA. She reports:
The one tranquil moment that sticks in my mind is looking down Third Street in Burbank (we were standing in front of Burbank High School) at 7:45 on a Saturday morning: cool sunny day, pink orchid trees in bloom, fairly clear air, the Hollywood hills looming above, and the San Fernando Valley with all of its potential (Thai food! Sam Goody! Ikea!) spread before us - made me almost miss LA.
Oh Hey, the Smoke House! Tower Books and Records! Bob Hope Airport, I could go on and on.

But I can relate. One summer Sunday evening a few years back: I was driving west on the Ten just south of downtown where you can see all the high-rises. I was thinking:
Boy, this is an interesting place!
Man, I had fun here!
Thank God I don't live here any more!

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