Sunday, June 20, 2010

For a Jurisprudence of Frog Underwear

Okay, so the fella's in a fancy hotel and he decides he wants to go for a swim, right? But he doesn't have swimming stuff so he calls the bell station and they say, sure, we can send you the swimming set. So a few minutes later a bellhop shows up with a neatly wrapped parcel, like a birthday present, and a chit for $49. Fella opens the parcel and checks it out and there's this little tiny,tiny tee-shirt, I mean really tiny.
--So, what's with the tee-shirt?
--Oh, it's frog underwear. The boss was Special Forces in Baluchistan during the First Gulf War and they used frogs with radio transmitters for gathering intelligence. But it gets really cold at night in Baluchistan so they fit them out with underwear.
--And now it's part of the package?
--Part of the package, yes.
--But I don't want frog underwear.
--Oh,there's no extra charge.
--Right. How much will you take off if I don't take the frog underwear?
--I'm not authorized to adjust the bill.
So the fella signs the $49 chit and goes for his swim. Later he pays his bill and checks out. End of story.

Frog underwear?

I bet every five star hotel charges for frog underwear. Come to think of it, I bet you can find it on your hospital bill. And in the master agreement for your credit card. And, and, and.

We need a jurisprudence of frog underwear. The world runs on it.

Update: This might be an example of shatara. Hat tip, Froomkin.

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