Friday, July 23, 2010

Ivan Has a Retirement Project

Well, it beats being a greeter at the blood bank:
I got the editors of the Scrabble dictionary to agree to change the meaning of "goat." They said it was a" horned ruminant" and I told them some breeds of goat are hornless. they said they would change it next edition. it's wrong in major dictionaries also but i haven't contacted them yet.
Now, if someone can find us a goat who is not a ruminant...


elrojo said...

all goats are ruminants. get me the e mail address of the editors of webster and the other major dictionaries that need to be straightened out on horned vis a vis hornless goats and i will straighten them out. i will do it in my spare time since i am not retired -- i am a full time farmer -- so i do not need a retirement project. by full time it takes me all day and all my energy to do a little work. i will have to slow down soon -- i'm 83.

Buce said...

Well, then save it for retirement. Would be a waste of your talents now.

And BTW, weren't you telling us a couple of weeks ago that you were 85? I'm ruminating, I'm ruminating.