Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Liveblogging the Gospel of Mark VII: It's All Over

Okay, I finished the Greek-reading of the Gospel of Mark last night, with some sense of accomplishment. It's a short and simple text and it is (merely) Biblical and not (gasp) classical--but it was still a stretch and it was nice to get all the way to the end. I guess two summary thoughts crowd out others. One, it is a rather different Jesus than I remember from the movies in Vacation Bible School--crankier, more contentious and challenging. Or to turn it round, a whole lot more interesting than the picture of gossamer serenity that dominates so many readings. And two, it's a pretty strong piece of story telling. You could certainly read it in an evening (if reading in a language you understood, heh heh). I have heard it said it could be read aloud in just two hours, and I suppose it is plausible to speculate that here (as with Homer?) we have a text that had an oral (here, perhaps a collaborative) life before it was ever written down.

It does seem a bit improvisational in structure. Things get repeated--perhaps most notably that feeding of the multitude, leading the reader to speculate on whether it's just accidental or whether there is a larger purpose. The "little apocalypse" does seem to have been just lowered in through the ceiling. Even so, though, he whole moves with a directness and energy that settle it firmly into the catalog of good stories.

I think I'll go on with this reading/translating stuff, although I need a breather, and I think for the next round I may move away from the Gospel--Revelations sounds like fun, and the Greek looks doable. I'm not sure how much I'll blog it: I am glad to have the commitment device (and I have just lately learned about StickK. But reading back, I'd say I find some of my own comments a bit cheesy--not wrong precisely, but stuff that is likely to be irritating to perfectly nice people who never did me any harm. There ought to be better uses for my time.


Steven Riddle said...

Dear Blogkeeper,

You may already have seen my post regarding the "new" Passion According to St. Mark that I've recently come across. You may already be familiar with it--but given the other strains of interest I have detected here--this may be of some interest to you. Thanks for sharing all of these.



Buce said...

You mean:

http://snipurl.com/z28rw [momentarytaste_blogspot_com]


Nope, missed that one, thanks for the link.