Monday, July 19, 2010

Musical Note (What Do I Care what a Cow Herd?)

Taxmom weighs in with a bit of musical arcana:
Coming down the 5 this afternoon we were behind a boat that was named (or labeled) "Cats Meow". I got into my usual snit about absence of apostrophe, but Zack pointed out that maybe the boat owner was simply stating a fact: Cats meow. (Which led us to consider some other potential boat names...'Dogs drool' for instance.)

Them below "Cats Meow" it said "Jenny Lind, CA" - Steve and both had a vague idea that Jenny Lind was in the Sierra foothills. Not sure what they need a boat for, except that the town is on the Calaveras river. Maybe as a billboard to spread their message about cats?

Jenny Lind apparently never actually came to Jenny Lind. Per Wikipedia, one theory about the name is that the braying mules used by the gold miners led the locals to name the place in their honor.

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