Thursday, July 08, 2010

Weapons: A Search for Common Ground

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has signed a law allowing people carry concealed weapons in church. But in a polite way, mind you, with etiquette restrictions.

Now that Jindal has implicitly conceded that he is a "wet" on the gun issue (as in, what's with this time, place and manner stuff?), I wonder if I see a sliver of daylight.

A couple of points. One, how would the governor feel about making gun-carry in church compulsory, like ascribing to a creed (compare David Brooks who says he wants to make gay marriage compulsory). But two, how about restricting concealed carry to churches only? Make sure they stay out of the hands of the bad guys. And ready for the final showdown.

Update: Whoo hoo! Carlton tells me that art imitates life--that our colonial forebears were (on occasion) indeed required to carry guns to church. "Fear of Indian attack or slave revolt," it says here. I suppose misbehavior by undocumented Kenyan immigrants would fall in the same class.

Biblo note: not sure what the deal is with the weird Asian characters in the header but the provenance of the piece appears to be here.

Update II: Curiouser and curiouser. John weighs in from Kansas: "Oddly, the original conceal carry law in Kansas barred concealed carry in churches, temples and bars. NO mention of mosques. Or oak groves. The restriction on cc in bars was lifted."

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