Thursday, July 01, 2010

Who Am I?

Just did a signup for one of those rewards programs where you have to answer "security questions" to make sure (I guess) that no one else steals your points. But these guys are not happy with anything as bland as mother's maiden name. No: they've got a list of 19 imaginative choices, almost none of which I could answer with full confidence. Favorite teacher? Would that be HS/College/LS--or eighth grade? I had teachers I liked in all four and I've never tried to do a ranking. First job? Well, do you count leaf-raking, dishwasher, night copy boy, or do you mean first adult job. Favorite cartoon character, restaurant, TV show, band? Oh dear, I have no idea--and it is not that I have too few enthusiasms: rather too many, and from week to week they shift. And "what would you change your name to if you could?" I guess I could play that in a party game, but in real life, you've got to be kidding.

I finally settled on three: city of birth (that was easy); honeymoon (actually there were two but there is one I remember); favorite uncle (actually, almost a tie, but I think I'll get it right).

Update: See the excellent suggestion of MJH in the comments below. The only trouble is that if I were to undertake it, I'd want to go back and redo all my present codes; else I would never be able to remember which I'd done under the old system, which the new.

So does everybody have this problem? Or am I just free-floating mass of instability?


Toni said...

Your gonna love the "Who Am I?" practice that's in my book :-)

MJH said...

You're not alone. I finally adopted danah boyd's method to remember my answers. Basically, I have two "private words," and my answer to the questions is always of the form "private word 1 - significant word of the question - private word 2." So, "Favorite teacher" would be something like "rah teacher rah"