Sunday, August 01, 2010

Ed Luce Reminds us of What We Suspect is Probably True

I'll bet one of the tops of everybody's forwarding list this morning is Ed Luce's brisk and forceful reminder of what we already more or less knew about the American economy: it's got problems.

Those looking for consolation might want to flip into the Sunday NYT magazine and take at the full page ad on Page 7 for a new education offering: a semester-long course in "filmmaking or photography."  \The venue is the Queen Mary 2: "Visit 34 Cities, 18 Countries in 103 days."    No price in the ad, but a flip to the website discloses that the tuition is $17,000.  Room and board varies from 17k up to 51k, not including, I assume, booze and tschatschkes.

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