Saturday, August 07, 2010


The other day I offered grandchildren.  I herewith present my grandparents: Carl Albert and Augusta Lindquist Nordstrom, once of 91 Byron St., Manchester, NH.  I don't know precisely when this picture was taken but Carl died on February 11, 1910 (his mother in law died there just nine days later, and a son, just a few months before).  They were both born in Sweden; they married in Manchester in 1894 and had eight kids in all. 

Handsome as the appear there, their life must have been pretty marginal.  He seems to have tried his hand at various occupations, none, so it seems, with great success: he seems to have failed at farming.  My memory tells me that at his death he was a milkman.     Augusta lived on until 1936, the year I was born; somehow or other, she held the family together--a fact that strikes me as extraordinary, progressively more the older I get.

For more on the Nordstrom daughters, go here. 

Source:  I got this just yesterday (I had never seen it before) from another Carl Nordstrom, their  grandson and my cousin.

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Toni said...

Lovely picture of your grandchildren. Thanks for providing the link as I missed it when it was posted. And now I'm just enjoying knowing that you're the grandson of a milkman.