Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Is That a Copy of Malkiel in your Pocket or..."

My guess is that this is a strong candidate for "most blogged," but what they hey.  The topic is dating advice:

The trick, it seems, is to use such subtle codes, the same way people slip in mentions of their jogging habit rather than coming right out and saying that they’re not overweight. So rather than projecting frugality outright, try dropping a classic investing book like “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” by Burton G. Malkiel, into the list of things you’ve read recently, suggested Deborah H. Levenson, a financial planner with Braver Wealth Management in Newton, Mass. ,who recently became engaged to a man she met online.
“That might give someone a sense that you were a Vanguard investor,” she said. “I think Vanguard is sexy.”
Link.  Recalls to mind the spoof TV add--Mad TV, perhaps?--along the lines of "You could blow six months' salary on a tacky diamond.  Or you could buy her an IRA..."

BTW the search for this link brought me to a web forum called Bogleheads.  No endorsement, haven't read it.

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Paul said...

I like to drop the title of a made up book and send them off all fired up to read it.