Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Josh Marshall Surveys the Landscape...

...and comes up with a dead-on summary of the political turf:
Dems and Obama's poll numbers are so bad because ...
Republicans: Terrible policies and he's probably a Muslim.
Right Democrats: No CEOs in the administration. And why does he keep getting into the black thing?
Down-the-Line Obamaites: Economy's bad. Nothing he could do. Give it a rest.
Left Democrats: He wasn't liberal or tough enough and me and my eight friends are deeply disillusioned.
Politico: Chronic failure to win the morning.
I know where that leaves me: right up front harrumphing with Baron Hill, Heath Shuler  and the rest fresh-haircut, necktie-wearing Rotarians.  I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here: they certainly aren't nearly as interesting or (I suspect) fun as it would be to hang out with as the likes of Glenn Greenwald or Paul Krugman.  And strictly speaking, I'm not particularly exercised over "the black thing"--the fact that so many of his opponents on the right are raving loonies is really not his fault (though I do wish he could find better ways to defuse it).    And actually, while "No CEO" is tempting, I'd put it a little differently: what we seem to be experiencing is a gobsmacking failure of political leadership, at a time when we so desperately need it.  He's becoming the un-Roosevelt, the un-Reagan, veering desperately close to (may the tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth) the ghost of Jimmy Carter.

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