Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taxmom Faces High School

Taxmon gets her first taste of life with a high schooler. The subject is the old favorite, "French class."
The teacher told them to write a paragraph (in English) about why they signed up for French. The young man wrote, and I paraphrase:
I really wanted to take German but it was cancelled, so I decided to sign up for a language that had no practical use whatsoever (don't ask me about my reasoning for that) and that's why I'm taking French.
OK, I said, how about not displaying your total disinterest and lack of rational thought during the first week of class?  Can you try another approach?

So he came back with a revised essay; again I paraphrase:
My first choices for a foreign language were either Klingon or binary, but the  Klingon teacher and the binary teacher got into a fight and the Klingon eacher was fired and all the records of the binary teacher were mysteriously deleted from the school files, so I couldn't do either one of those. Then I wanted to take German because my mom is fluent in German but it was cancelled, so that is why I am taking French.
Which I thought was a more memorable way of saying exactly what he said in the first place.
Afterthought: Are there high schools that teach Klingon?  I'm bettin' yes.

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