Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Three Things I Didn't Know about the Confederate Constitution
(And One Thing about the Confederacy That I Had Forgotten)

From a lecture I was listening to while roasting a chicken:
  • That there was a line item veto.
  • That it prohibited secession (sic, you read that right).
  • That it copied much of the U.S. Constitution, but struck out the "general welfare clause."
That last is intriguing.  Couldn't they have counted on the president to protect them against general welfare by the  use of his line item veto?

Was also reminded of the fact that Sam Houston opposed secession, and lost his office in consequence.  I read one bio of Sam Houston in my Army-reserve training days a thousand years ago (probably this one).  Don't think I really grasped what an interesting chap he was, might go try it again.


MJH said...

Is the lecture generally available somewhere?

Buce said...

You can find it here:


fatbear said...

Just catching up on the last few weeks, so OT to this post

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P.S. - not born a Lord; put there as life peer by Blair (but don't let that get in the way)