Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How Much Does a Stein Weigh?

Overheard in the men's room at the concert hall:
--That was wonderful.  I don't think he played a wrong note.
--My wife is a concert pianist and she says he didn't play a wrong note.
--When we travel, we take our own piano.  A Steinway.
--I mean, with other pianos, you're never sure the voicing will be right.
--Oh yes.
--It weighs 500 pounds.
 Can that be right?  How heavy is a grand piano?

Update:  Says here 490kg, i.e., well north of 1,000 pounds.

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Ken said...

This dredged up a memory from my days as a music major and reminded me of a Monty Python sketch at the same time. (It was about doing Shakespeare where first you need to learn all the words and then you need to get them in the right order.)

The ultimate goal for a musician is to play music and not just notes.

This guy sounds like a poser on several levels.