Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Seven Proofs of Affection

 Tuesday, 7 September (1880)
A sign of the times. Mlle Bourgoin, the day after her wedding, wrote Mlle de La Tour a letter describing her defloration, an extraordinary letter to come from an aristocratic girl. The whole thing is couched in a satirical style, and this is the postscript in which, referring to the seven proofs of his affection which Louis XV gave Marie Leczinska on their wedding night, she has the effrontery to write: 'I can assure you that I have no reason to envy Marie Leczkinska. . . . I am not in the least tired; as for him, that is a different matter.
Edmond and Jules de Goncourt, Pages from the Goncourt Journals 259
(NYRB Paperback 2007)

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