Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anita Who?

Clarence Thomas' wife Ginnie has certainly performed one important service for current political debate: she's educated a new generation (and reminded an old one) of just why there is so resentment against her husband and his presence on the Supreme Court.  Still, a little voice asks: what if this shrill, over-the-top, hectoring nag turns out to be right?   What if Anita is really not telling the truth?

Don't misunderstand, I think Anita is telling the truth (and that Mrs. T. was Martha-Mitchell-class loony to raise the issue).  But I once thought Alger Hiss was innocent, and that Sam Sheppard was guilty.

Afterthought: I don't doubt Mrs. T's sincerity, even though I might question her judgment. I once saw some survey data suggesting that men were more likely to believe Anita than women.  Wouldn't surprise me; after all, we know what pigs we really are.

Update:  Over oysters at Cafe Loup,  and speaking of Martha Mitchell, Larry asks--was Ginnie Thomas drunk?  It's a thought--who would do this sober?--but Anita did say the call came in at 730 in the morning.

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