Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Atlas Mugged

Straight steal from Wilkinson from Scalzi:

That said, it’s a totally ridiculous book which can be summed up as Sociopathic idealized nerds collapse society because they don’t get enough hugs. (This is, incidentally, where you can start your popcorn munching.) Indeed, the enduring popularity of Atlas Shrugged lies in the fact that it is nerd revenge porn — if you’re an nerd of an engineering-ish stripe who remembers all too well being slammed into your locker by a bunch of football dickheads, then the idea that people like you could make all those dickheads suffer by “going Galt” has a direct line to the pleasure centers of your brain. I’ll show you! the nerds imagine themselves crying. I’ll show you all! And then they disappear into a crevasse that Google Maps will not show because the Google people are our kind of people, and a year later they come out and everyone who was ever mean to them will have starved. Then these nerds can begin again, presumably with the help of robots, because any child in the post-Atlas Shrugged world who can’t figure out how to run a smelter within ten minutes of being pushed through the birth canal will be left out for the coyotes. Which if nothing else solves the problem of day care.

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The New York Crank said...

And then there's a new film out called The Social Network, in which a nerd out-Gaults a pair of twin Gaults and makes enough F-U money that he could sue the keyboard off screenwriter Adam Sorkin and the producers behind him for a highly unflattering portrayal. 'Cept that Zuckerberg's so filthy rich, he doesn't even have to bother suing anybody.

My point? I dunno. Maybe that life imitates art. Or that money smothers fame. Or that the nerds are inheriting the earth.

Take your choice.

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank.