Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Hey, It's Not Like he Asked her to Pick Up Coins off the Bar

The Wichita Bureau says this one ought to push several of my buttons--bankruptcy, journalism, hubris, finance.  He's right so far and he might have added: narcissism in high places.  Here's another one of those guys who believes the mask of command comes decked out with infantile self-absorption.  I'd like to say that this rugby-locker-room management style falls flat on its face--like to, but cannot honestly because some of the time it works. On the other hand, the more bluster and bravado, the more likely it is that sooner or later it will all come unstitched at the seams.   No doubt there will be plenty rooting for him.  Of whom did Mark Twain say that whenever he learned of his impending funeral, he would postpone all other entertainments to be present?

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