Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joe the Plumber, Thy Name is Legion

This one's a few days old but it so fits a prejudice n intuition of mine that it's been gnawing at me; anyway I think it deserves wider exposure.

Subject: the gender gap, and the shift away from Democrats. Takeaway point: "the gender gap in party identification is entirely due to the changing preferences of men. There is no noteworthy trend among women."

Highlight mine, partly because whenever any wonky social scientist uses the word "entirely" for any purpose, your eyebrows should pop up. 

All sorts of interpretations are conceivable, of course, but as you might suspect, I'm hung up on the general surplusification of men: a society that finds less and less need for men, for any purpose.  Hardly a surprise that they're turning cranky, and impelled to flee what they see as the girly party for the party with hair on its chest (i.e., the party of Palin, Bachmann, Angle, O'Donnell.  Oh wait....).



Anonymous said...
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Ebenezer Scrooge said...

You have generated a testable hypothesis. If you are correct, high-income men should be more Democratic than low-income men.

I don't think that this is true, although I'm only aware of the educational correlations (bottom and top education tends Democratic; middle-education Republican.)