Thursday, October 07, 2010

My Private Obamacare Moment

I'm still battling Anthem Blue Cross over irts "new, improved" website.  I've found a techie who acknowledges that I have a problem and gave me a work-ticket number.  Which is progress.  He said it may take up to ten days to respond--which struck me as absurd, although I suspect the real time will be substantially less and they give themselves the 10-day cap so they can claim they meet deadlines.

I'm sure everybody has a story like this, or ten of them.  And it is part of what makes us all so petulant and cranky about "government takeover of health care."  Yes, yes, I know, this is a "private" provider, not the pointyheads in Washington.  But the line is blurry: part of what they are "providing" here is Medicare fulfillment.  And whatever happens with Romney Obamacare, I assume ir will be the same bunch of clerks handling the electronic paperwork.  What we may be learning from the mortgage paperwork scandal is that just exactly nobody knows how to handle this problem.

Still, it blows my mind how successful the right-wing noise machine is at making us all believe that this kind of problem is "the gummint," and not something just locked into the system as a whole.

Afterthought:  I say that nobody can do this job--but is there any mass bureaucracy anywhere that carries out its mission any better than Social Security?  On time,on the dollar--they come pretty lose to perfection, not so?  Come to think of it, I've had perfectly satisfactory relations with the Department of Motor Vehicles too, though maybe I am just lucky.

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