Thursday, November 04, 2010

Am I Making This Stuff Up?

My mind seems to be stuck in the late 50s, or maybe the Alpha Quadrant.  Anyway--I was trying to tell the missus about an ad campaign from that hallowed decade that I found hilarious, or at least that seemed hilarious at the time. The sponsor was Qantas Airlines, they with the grounded planes and the wonderful safety record. You clipped a coupon; you sent it in and you got a certificate making you an "Archduke of Qantasylvania" with all rights and privileges appurtenant thereto.

Catch is, I try it on Google and I get zero hits.  Zilch, bubkas, nada.  Nothing even close.  Is there anything that gets zero hits on Google?

"Qantasylvania" brought back memories of another seemed-funny-at-the-time ad campaign--this for something called the "Strouds Creek and Muddlety Railroad," apparently some kind of subsidiary of the B&O. They issued periodic newsletters in the manner of Garrison Keillor crossed with PDQ Bach.  Google gratifies me with 22,000 hits on Strouds Creek and Muddlety Railroad.  Trouble is, although I haven't read all 22k, it appears that none of them refers to the ad campaign.

So, am I get spinning threads out of my own gizzard?  If so, I'd say I have a pretty high quality gizzard.

Update:  Chrismealy nails it again--see comment--this is at least the second time he has done this to (for) me.  Thanks, Chris.

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chrismealy said...

You didn't check Google Books