Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bromwhich on Obama: Teaser, with an Afterthought

Here's the most telling single in David Bromwich's comprehensive takedown of our President:

Obama wants credit for the highest intentions even when conceding that he lacks the will to fulfill them.
 Link.  Oooh, that's gotta hurt.  But in the context of the Bromwich essay, it calls attention to an odd or unexpected truth about Obama: considering his resume, he is surprisingly lacking in street wisdom.  Read about his background (at least hastily) and you'd think you were looking at a kind who knew how to take those khaki neck-wallets off tourists in the souq.  Nothing of the sort: this is a kid whose forebears wanted the very best for him, and who lived a good deal of his life among people who wanted desperately for him to succeed.  Here's a guy who would have been so much better off with a round of Prince and the pauper, or hanging out for a bit at Mistress Quickly's tavern in cheapside.  He's full of the best intentions and we do remember, yes, what the road to hell is paved with?

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