Monday, November 01, 2010

The Curse of Running Backhood

Mark Thompson is stumped as to why  Pro Fotball Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas has endorsed Buffalo Wingnut Carl Paladino for governor of New York: Thomas, says Thompson, is "a running back, dagnabit.  Politics is supposed to be the domain of quarterbacks (JC Watts, Heath Schuler), wide receivers (Lynn Swann, Steve Largent), and maybe the occasional lineman (Jon Runyan).  At most, running backs are supposed to be politically eclectic jurists, not dedicated politickers."

Is this all correct?  I'm way off my turf (and my astroturf) here and I wonder if there are even more extensive generalizations:  are wide receivers mostly seventh sons of seventh sons?  Were coaches mostly bullied at summer camp?  Do defensive linemen do needlepoint?   The possibilities are endless...

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Anonymous said...

he's a running back. concussion, concussion, concussion. but he can still count dollars, dollars dollars.