Monday, November 15, 2010

Duelling Indoctrinations in a Free-for-All

This is a story I really don't know enough about so I ought to just stifle but the topic fascinates me so I indulge myself again (cf. link, link) Specifically: it turns out there were not just two "orientations" for new (Republican) members of Congress last week; there were three.  Here's the New York Times reporting on a two day session (the others were just one day) led by former House Speaker renegade outsider Dick Armey. So newbies had their choice: outsider Dick Armey, outsider Bill Bennett or he's-so-outside-he's-in-again Ed Meese,all ready to play Vergil to the Tea Parties' Dante.

My guess that of all these not-so-fresh faces, it is  Armey who is most  likely to keep the newbies' ear.  It is Armey who created the Astroturfs that tickles the Tea Party toes.  He's smart, he's  hard-working and he is absolutely ruthless.  His only obvious downside is that he once screwed up a rebellion against Newt Gingrich, but I suspect that is ancient history to everyone who matters except maybe Newt (come to think of it, where is his "orientation" meeting being held?).    Still, I'm beginning to think the newbies might be well advised to take the advice they give the tourists at the Pyramids.  To avoid the horde of hawkers at the gate, you rent your own camel half a mile away and gallop headlong through the waiting multitude.

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